The Niskayuna Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Niskayuna Wastewater Treatment Plant is a state-of-the-art cogeneration (combined heat and power energy generation) facility that utilizes the wastewater treatment by-products and high strength organic waste from nearby food processing plants to allow the wastewater treatment plant to be a net zero energy facility as well as a source of revenue for the Town.   Lange partnered with Energy Systems Group (ESG) a leading energy services provider, engineering firm Barton & Loguidice, and contractor W. M. Schultz Construction to provide influent headworks treatment (Lakeside Equipment), the extended aeration biological treatment process (Universal Blower Pac and SSI), and the final clarifiers (Lakeside Equipment).   Pictured here in the foreground are the final clarifiers and in the right background, the extended aeration tanks.

The Catherine Valley Water Reclamation Facility

The Catherine Valley Water Reclamation Facility is a completely new centralized regional wastewater treatment plant that treats the waste from both the villages of Watkins Glen and Montour Falls, New York.  Lange worked closely with engineering firm Larson Design Group and contractor Streeter Associates to provide the influent headworks treatment (Lakeside Equipment), sequencing batch reactor (SBR) biological treatment process (Fluidyne), and state of the art UV disinfection system (Glasco UV). Pictured here is the wastewater treatment building which houses the majority of the equipment and controls for the process, and the outside SBR tanks.

The Beaver Creek Satellite Treatment Facility

The Beaver Creek Satellite Treatment Facility a.k.a. The Beaver Creek Clean River Project is expected to have one of the greatest positive impacts on the environment by significantly improving the water quality of the Hudson River.  The project will screen and disinfect over 300 million gallons of flow annually greatly reducing bacteria counts.

The project is progressing as scheduled with an anticipated completion date targeted for December 2022.

We are pleased to be part of the team that includes the talented engineers at Arcadis, CDM Smith, and CHA Consulting.  Jameson Phillips and Christopher Hayes at Wm. J. Keller & Sons Construction Corp.  And our strategic business partner GNA CSO as we provided the vertical stormwater screens, flushing gates, and tipping buckets.

Together making a difference to protect our greatest natural resource.